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Six die in tower crane collapse

Six construction workers were killed in Izmir, western Turkey last Friday, when a tower crane collapsed onto a container in which they were sleeping. A further two men were injured in the incident.

The crane was working on the construction of a high rise hotel in the city, when the tower suffered a catastrophic failure, after at least one of the ties near the top of the tower gave way. This caused the tower to buckle, and strike a lower part of the building, the resulting dynamic shock load caused the top of the crane to break away and drop onto the container below.
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Those who died have been named as Yildirim Sari, Fesih Ciftci, Baykal Gunduz, Aslan Akkaya, Ali Sukru Duru, and Umit Kara. One of the injured was the brother of Sari. Other workers on site said that numerous complaints had been made over ‘rubble’ being regularly dropped from the crane while they were working below, while repeated requests had been made for the sleeping containers to be moved to a safer location.
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Four men were arrested after the incident accused of negligence, they include the owner of the main contractor- Emrullah Yolci, the site manager- Muhammet Fatih Yolci, the occupational safety officer - Fikret Kamil Aydin, and the owner of the crane supplier - Irfan Kasirga.

A live video of the failure can be seen on TRT Haber simply click on this link.