Video tutorials for Multitel platforms

Multitel Pagliero has created 35 video tutorials on the correct use of its truck mounted platforms - 34 on individual models plus on general one on safety regulations.

The tutorials can be accessed via a QR code on the relevant model. The project, which took six months to complete, was coordinated by Multitel’s system design manager Matteo Griffone working with the various departments within the company.

You can see an example of the tutorials - covering the MZ250 - in our Video library one on how to operate and one on safety issues – PPE and set up.
The tutorials are made up of two parts, the first on the correct and safe use of the particular machine, the second part covers the details on stabiliser set-up and stowage, the power take-off, cab functions along with ground and platform controls. In total, each tutorial - consisting of its two parts - lasts between six to eight minutes and is supplemented by icons and notes for more complete and detailed information.

The safety video covers inspection of the work area, the relevant PPE required, the importance of reading and understanding the manual and correct stabiliser/outrigger set-up.

The minimal text in the videos is in Italian, English, French and German - there is no narrative. The company is now working on video tutorials for its spider lift models.