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Pop Up to work with Axolift

Italian aerial lift manufacturer Axolift has appointed Pop Up Products as its distributor for the UK and Ireland.

The two companies have formed a partnership that will initially cover a new, improved model that Pop Up is calling the IQ Lift - Pro 7 ACTIVe, a manually powered push around lift, which appears to be a development of the Axolift Manulift 200.
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The new Pop Up product has a working height of 4.1 metres - 100mm more than the Axolift 200 - with the same overall width at 760mm, but is 25kg heavier at 249kg and offers a little more capacity at 125kg compared to 120kg on the Axolift 200.
The flywheel type lift & lower crank looks a little similar to that of the Power Towers/JLG Pecolift, but it uses a different patented mechanism using a wire rope extension mechanism which does not employ gas springs in the mast. As a result it has a slightly lower gearing which requires a few more turns of the crank to reach full height.
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Axolift launched its new manually powered products in mid-2021 and has been expanding its coverage ever since. Click here to see New name in low level access

Pop Up Products managing director Nigel Woodger said: “We have worked with the Axolift team for over a year. Finding a partner with such a dedicated and innovative team is fantastic. As a result, our approach to the low-level access market is wholly aligned. This is demonstrated through the development and launch of the IQ Lift Pro 7 ACTIVe. We look forward to working with the AXOLIFT team to develop different environmentally friendly low-level access product ranges."

Axolift managing director Massimo Grossele added: “Axolift is a relatively young company fully dedicated to developing a range of high quality and competitive low-level access products. We are proud of our partnership with Pop Up Products, a market leader in the UK and Ireland with a long history of developing and successfully marketing unique products for its markets. With in house engineering and development with our parent company Gromet, we are ready to react quickly and efficiently to new market demands."

The video below shows the original Axolift Manulift 200 and how it works, the new Pop Up is pretty much the same.