Another Tadano Truck crane for Krösche

German crane rental and prefabrication installation company Krösche-Kran Service has taken delivery of a new 50 tonne Tadano HK 4.050-1 truck crane mounted on a commercial chassis, which replaces a 40 tonne Tadano HK 40 in the Krösche fleet. The company already has a dozen Tadano 40 and 50 tonne truck cranes in is fleet, - so while a new model it is nothing new for the company.

The HK 4.050-1 is mounted on a four axle Scania chassis and can travel on public roads with its maximum 8.5 tonnes of counterweight on board, while still coming in at less than 9.5 tonnes an axle or 4.5 tonnes to achieve eight tonne axle weights. The crane features a 35.2 metre four section boom, with the option of a 9.3 metre swingaway extension which takes the maximum tip height to almost 48 metres. It will be used to assemble the company’s prefabricated building all over Germany.

Managing director Joachim Ruthe said: “Above all, the new chassis with the rear steering axle won us over: It reduces the turning radius by a good five metres in comparison to the HK 40, making it the perfect machine for work at sites where space is tight. In addition to this, the HK 4.050 1 can travel on public roads with a counterweight of up to 4.5 tonnes and a total weight of 32 tonnes without the need for a special permit. That’s especially important for us, since we have projects all across Germany.”