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New 700t Liebherr narrow track crawler

Liebherr has announced a new 700 tonne narrow track lattice boom crawler crane, the LR 1700-1.0W which will replace the current 600 tonne LR 1600/2-W narrow track crane.

As with its predecessor the new crane is aimed squarely at the wind turbine installation market and includes numerous improvements to cope with the latest wind turbines, including higher capacities and greater lifting heights. The move follows on from the introduction of the regular LR 1700-1.0 which replaced the standard LR 1600/2 almost two years ago.

The new crane Liebherr has new narrow track travel gear, featuring components from its larger cranes, with four drive motors and two metre wide track pads as standard. The crane also features a new carbody and cruciform support base, with an overall width of 5.9 metres - only 100mm wider than its predecessor. The supports/outriggers fold to the front and rear when travelling. The superstructure frame and boom systems are basically the same as on the standard 700 tonne crane.
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The biggest difference between the new LR1700 and the 600 tonner, is the significantly higher lifting capacities and greater lifting height, thanks to the stronger base machine as well as the 3.5 metre wide H-type boom sections, in the lower part of the main boom, which increases the lateral rigidity of the entire boom system.

Comparing the capacities on LR 1600’s longest wind turbine boom - 156 metres of main boom plus a 12 metre lattice fixed jib - the LR 1700-1 can handle up to 120 tonnes, compared to 73 tonnes on the 600, a 64 percent improvement. In addition, the new crane can be rigged with between six and 15 metres more reach, depending on whether the derrick system is employed or not.

The LR 1700-1.0W can also be equipped with a luffing jib for a lift height of 198 metre allowing it to handle turbines with hub heights of 170 metres. The V-frame and VarioTray systems used on the manufacturer's larger cranes are also available. The V-Frame ballasting system hydraulically adjusts the ballast radius from 13 to 21 metres, while the Vario tray allows quicker easier changes to the counterweight.
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travelling with the standard wind boom/jib

The new crane’s hoist system is designed for both single and parallel lifting operation with two winches able to work simultaneously over the jib, while an extra wide hook block to prevent twisting.

The first Liebherr narrow track lattice crawler crane, the 400 tonne LR 1400/2-W, was introduced around 20 years ago, with the significantly more powerful LR 1600/2-W coming along in 2010, with 50 units delivered since then.

We will take a more comprehensive look at the new crane once we have a chance to compare the specification sheets and technical details.