Double truck mount fatality

Two men have died after a structural failure occurred on a truck mounted lift in Milan, Italy

The incident occurred last Wednesday in Noverasco di Opera on the south side of Milan, three men were trimming trees at a golf club, working from a 40 metre truck mounted lift, when it seems the top of the boom broke away and dropped to the ground from a height of between 15 and 20 metres.

The platform a Simon-Cella VT400 truck mount, likely to date from the mid-1990s, was working at the Le Rovedine Golf Club. We understand that it was being operated by its owner with a customer, one assumes a tree worker in the platform, a third man, 25, was also seriously injured in the incident, suffering head, chest and leg traumas with multiple bone fractures. We do not know if he was also in the platform or was struck by the falling boom section. The two men who died were 51 and 69 years old.

We will update this item if and when we learn more.

The following news video shows a little more form the scene.


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