Platform Basket mast boom

Italian manufacturer Platform Basket has entered the mast boom market with a 10 metre crawler model, with standard levelling jacks.
The Platform Basket stand

The company’s first mast boom, dubbed the Heron 10, uses a version of its well proven rubber track chassis, with inboard mounted jacks that can level the machine on slopes of up to 10 degrees longitudinally or side to side. On level ground up to three degrees the unit can be used normally with the jacks retracted. On slopes though a single button control will automatically level the machine.

The mast system Platform Basket has chosen is a classic five section open frame forklift type, topped by an articulating jib which offers a maximum working height of 9.6 metres, and up to 3.4 metres of outreach at an up & over height of just over six metres, through 360 degrees of slew, with a two person indoor and one person outdoor rating.
The Heron 10s

The overall width is 1.2 metres, the overall height 1.99 metres and the overall stowed length 3.25 metres. Available with diesel or lithium ion battery pack the total weights are 2,750kg for the diesel and 2,800kg for the electric version. Radio remote controls are standard.

In addition, it can be ordered to a jib mounted hoist/winch with 35 metres of wire rope storage, that replaces the platform, creating a compact remote controlled mini crane with a maximum lift capacity of 250kg.

Vertikal Comment

On the surface this looks like a very good alternative to the current well established wheeled products from JLG, Haulotte and Manitou, but largely looking to take up some of the space/vacuum created by the ATN closure.
There is also a growing acceptance of rubber tracked machines for indoor applications, especially on sensitive floor surfaces. While this is new territory for Platform Basket it could do very well with this move into a new market sector for the company.