Ferrari on the guardrails

A reader has sent us a video showing a scissor lift being used to lift/support a Ferrari. It is bit Top Gear stunt - but it really could have ended very badly.

The video comes from Gas Monkey Garage & Richard Rawlings in Texas, in this video he needed to unload five Ferrari Testarossas double stacked in a container. He and his team came up with the idea to employ a 19ft scissor lift working in tandem with a forklift.
Pulling the car out of the container

The worst aspect of this is probably the structural damage the stunt is likely to have done to the JLG 1930ES scissor lift, which has a maximum platform capacity of 230kg, the Testarossa weighs a surprising 1,708kg! If the stack had given way it could very easily have been fatal.

As if that was not bad enough, check out the man on the forklift roof, and then the one under the balanced load. On top of this there are the overhead wires above where they are working!
At least half of the weight of the car is resting on the guardrails

To add some balance:
1. The video says clearly “Don’t try this at home not because we are trained professionals but because we are simply dumb enough to try it.”
2. The job has at least been ‘carefully’ planned.
3. Some care was taken with the equipment operation
At least some job planning was carried out

The video is quite long, but also entertaining, miraculously - as the video below shows - all worked out OK at least this time, until the stack collapses when being used as it was intended.

Definitely one for our Death Wish series.
Have a safe weekend.


Well at least those boys lived up to the species they named their garage after......

Jul 1, 2023