First CBG 500 E for ZHD Stevedores

Dutch company ZHD Stevedores has purchased the first unit of Liebherr's CBG 500 E electric transhipment crane which it unveiled last year. See: New Liebherr transhipment crane

The crane features a 50 metre boom, and can handle 105 tonnes on the hook, or 90 tonnes with the bulk grab attachment, with a transfer performance of 2,000 tonnes of bulk product per hour. The crane includes a new 10 square metre cab which can be elevated to the top of the mast, for an ideal view of the load. The crane operator is assisted by the new, integrated ‘Master V’ crane control system. Additional counterweight is available for specific barge mountings.

Yves Bornet, manager of the project and partner in ZHD said: “Our collaboration with Liebherr over the past two years to develop and construct an all electric crane for our transhipment operations has exceeded our expectations.”

The crane will be used for bulk handling in Rotterdam and ZHD terminals in Dordrecht and Moerdijk. The crane will be installed on ZHD’s barge ‘Ahoy 50’ which can operate with its onboard power supply or from shore power.

The crane is scheduled for delivery in October with operations due to start in in December or January.

ZHD Stevedores has been providing stevedoring services since 1968 with a team of 90 employees operating in the Rotterdam- Rijnmond area using both mobile harbour and floating cranes.