Cranes & Access Top 30 UK/Ireland

Time is running out fast to complete the forms for the annual Cranes & Access/Vertikal Top 30 UK rental company guide!

The comprehensive guide - our 23rd - not only highlights the largest rental companies operating across the region but also showcases firms offering specialist equipment including vehicle mounted platforms, crawler cranes, tower cranes, 360 degree telehandlers and more. Even companies with just one or two cranes or platforms are invited to take part.

The comprehensive report provides fleet details along with where to find the largest cranes, platforms, telehandlers or specialist cranes and work at height equipment. It also highlights the investment levels made by each company over the past 12 months.

The report will be permanently hosted in the Vertikal online library, making it an invaluable reference point for end users ranging from major contractors to individuals looking to rent a crane, platform or telehandler, or organise a contract lift. It is also increasingly widely used by financial companies and analysts, along with those looking to buy into the sector.

Active participation in the report is essential. For those not sending in their data in time we make every effort to accurately estimate fleet sizes, but it is never as good as direct participation.

The forms have now been emailed to prior participants - if you know your fleet they will only take three to five minutes to complete.

Remember that apart from critical information - such as company name etc... you only need to answer those questions you feel comfortable with, although the more you provide the better the final report

You can also conveniently download the forms from the following links:
- C&A Top 30 Access
- C&A Top 30 Cranes
- C&A Top 30 Telehandlers

We also invite companies to contribute to the visual aspect of the guide with action photographs of their cranes, platforms, and telehandlers. Please send them to [email protected].

Actively participating in the Top 30 Rental Company Guide helps ensure you are accurately featured in this highly referenced industry resource.

Last years source guide can be viewed below:


Come on then, last chance for the usual suspects to submit their lies...

Sep 5, 2023