Big Palfinger for Gil & Fils

French lifting company Gil & Fils Levage has taken delivery of an uprated 32 tonne Palfinger PK 165.002 TEC 7 articulated crane on a Scania 8x4 chassis.

The PK 165.002 TEC 7 benefits from an improved maximum tip height of 42 metres thanks to two additional manual sections, on top of the nine section main boom and eight section jib. The crane also has a useful capacity of 1.12 tonnes at 36 metres radius, while jib luffs to 25 degrees above the horizontal main boom.
The new crane on a recent job at the Cinéma Les Lumières de la Ville in Rumilly

Loïc Sonnerat who runs the business with his father Gilles said: "With this new heavy duty crane, we want to strengthen our offering to our customers and their growing demand for more outreach and performance. As job sites become more difficult to access and the weight of materials increases, the crane often needs to be positioned further away. This should also allow us to develop new applications."

“With its nine hydraulic extensions, long jib and the possibility of adding two additional manual extensions, the Palfinger PK 165.002 TEC 7 crane reaches up to 42 metres and offers exceptional capacities, up to 32 tonnes or 11.5 tonnes for the jib and 1,550kg at 34 metres height. It allows us to work easily in situations where our other equipment would have reached its limits."

“For example, on a recent glazing delivery to the new cinema in Rumilly, we installed the glass panels at an outreach of up to 32 metres through a corridor with a false ceiling that was below the level of the glass. All the sensors in the TEC series offer safety and ease of use. The radio control gives me all the on-board information I need in terms of total reach, distance extended, angles of the first and second booms, and weight. Setting outriggers is also easier and the HPSC-Plus Load System adjusts the capacity to the truck load."
Telescoping down the corridor

The chassis was also customised. "We had very specific requirements for the customisation and body we wanted. We worked out our requirements and designs in detail with the technical support of the teams at Palfinger France, who implemented the bodywork to a high standard. As a result, our vehicle is perfectly adapted to our operating requirements: it is practical, versatile and every detail has been optimised,” adds Sonnerat.

Gilles Sonnerat founded Gil & Fils Levage in 2000, the company is based in Seynod on the south west side of Annecy and operates across the Haute-Savoie region of France and, at times, further afield. Most of its customers are in the construction industry. It runs four large articulated cranes, three of them from Palfinger.
Gilles and Loïc Sonnerat with the new crane