Italy’s first Terex TRT 65

The first 65 tonne Terrex TRT 65 Rough Terrain crane to be delivered in Italy, has been delivered and gone to an engineering services company for work in a refinery.

The new crane was delivered by Terex dealer Tecno-Gru on a long term rental contract to Welding Duebi, which is based in Fiesso Umbertiano, just north of Ferrara in the Veneto region. The company carries out engineering work for the oil & gas, petrochemical and energy industries.
Welding Duebi’s new Terex TRT 65

The Italian-built TRT 65, which made its debut at the Samoter Fair in May, offers a maximum capacity of 65 tonnes and features a 43.5 mere five section synchronised main boom to which an eight to 15 metre bi-fold swingaway extension can be added with up to 40 degrees of offset, providing a maximum tip height of 61 metres.

Welding Duebi chief executive Nicola Barotti said: "Within our refinery, from which we have contracted out maintenance activities, it is necessary to have at least one crane available 365 days a year, capable of carrying out all required tasks reliably and efficiently. While we have more than 20 types of Terex cranes in our fleet, the new TRT 65 is an ideal solution for our refinery, since it can work in a congested, space restricted environment. Due to its suitability and performance, we decided to allocate it permanently to this site.”

"We chose the TRT 65 because it has all the necessary features to meet the needs of a complex site like a refinery. The versatility guaranteed by this machine, as well as its compactness, is undoubtedly a fundamental element for us, because it allows us to quickly move the vehicle in all areas of the plant, several times a day, both during routine maintenance operations and during the 'plant shutdown's, which take place every two years."

The crane's operator Gabriele Colonna added: "The TRT 65 is ideal for us thanks to the four steering modes and the cab, which can be tilted, I also like the 'anti-stall' control, which allows us to precisely manage the power and speed of the crane. The EcoMode function uses the automatic engine throttle to optimise power during crane operation and the 'stand-by' function reduces consumption."