A higher Nano

JLG's Power Towers division has unveiled a new low level push around mast type platform, the 12ft Nano35.

The new model has a three section steel box section mast providing a working height of 5.5 metres – one metre more than the regular Nano and 400mm more than the original Power Tower, making it the highest reaching lift in the company’s push around range.

The extra height comes from slightly longer mast sections, this does result in a higher step in height, in fact it now has a step on the chassis, but they are both below 400mm. The new model retains its dual full height saloon style entry gate.
The platform is slightly smaller than the Nano at 840mm x 580mm and like the latest nano it features vertical guardrail supports – eliminating the mid rail that some users tend to stand on to gain a little extra height, the maximum platform capacity is 200kg and is rated for one person for indoor use only.

The machine has an overall weight of 432kg and runs on two fixed wheels and two rotating castors that can be locked in place. The overall working footprint is just over 1.2 metres long by 760mm wide, while standard equipment includes a maintenance free AGM battery

Power Towers sales director Richard Puglia said: "The Nano35 is a game changer in the field of elevated work platforms. Its compact design and advanced features make it an ideal choice for a wide range of industries and tasks. We are confident that the Nano35 will significantly enhance the productivity, ergonomics and safety of operators, providing them with a reliable solution for their tight elevated access needs."