Insanity in action

A photo received from the reader in the USA actually appears to be taken in the UK of a man working on the chimneys a large house.

The man who does not appear to be in his first flush of youth, is working at a height of around 12 metres and is standing on one of the top two rungs of the ladder, he is clearly totally fearless or missing a lobe in his brain. In case you ask one assumes that the wires behind him are further away than it looks and are telephone wires and not electrical…..

We did look closely at this photo, thinking that it might have been ‘photoshopped’ but while we remain suspicious that it is a forgery – given the window heights and ladder length, if it is then it is quite a good one. Ladders this long are not something that a homeowner might buy or even use, especially in this manner. It requires someone who is far crazier than our usual Death Wish merchants.

Comments and feedback welcome.

Definitely one for our Death Wish series
Have a safe weekend


Since the holidays are fast approaching, he probably is up there to check on the chimney openings to make sure they are clear for Santa.

He doesn't want his grandkids to be skipped over..........

Hopefully he put a manlift on his Christmas list to Santa Claus.

Oct 21, 2023

I agree why would anyone get upset when he’s safe as houses!! Make bigger ladders is what I say the higher the better! You Idiot

Oct 20, 2023

Why are people getting upset because this man went up a ladder? They wouldn't manufacture ladders like this if people weren't going to use them.

Oct 20, 2023