Scaffold in a bucket

This week a reader spotted an online video of a man using a cheap scaffold tower in a wheel loader bucket to reach a standard lamp.

We are not certain where this occurred, but the two men needed to install a new head unit on a type of street lamp. They brought a wheeled loader into play and installed a rudimentary scaffold tower in the bucket – quite how it is retained we do not know. The loader driver raised the bucket first and then drove it into position, once under the lamp stand.

The man in the bucket then climbs the steel tower and, it has to be said, succeeds in the mission – assuming he got down safely. Hopefully this one off installation, and not one of a series of them to be done? Definitely one for our Death Wish series.

Since receiving this we have discovered that this form of powered access is quite popular, especially on American farms it seems where home made versions of tractor baskets are all over the internet. Some pretty good and some, like this one, which present more hazards than a simple pallet on the forks.

Have a safe weekend

Here is the video itself.


C R Dube
And he's wearing regulation assessed flip-flops. But no H-Viz or hard hat. Naughty.

Dec 7, 2023