Another upgrade

Dutch international heavy crane manufacturer Huisman has been awarded a contract for the upgrade of the Offshore Mast Crane onboard Heerema’s vessel Aegir.

The project will increase the capacity of the auxiliary hoist and fixed jib from the current 2,000 tonnes to 3,200 tonnes at a height of 110 metres. The Aegir is one of the world’s largest monohull crane vessels was built in 2012, with the crane installed in 2013. Originally the capacity on the main hoist, was 4,000 tonnes, but Huisman upgraded it to 5,000 tonnes in 2020.

The intention of this lates upgrade is to allow it to work on the installation of the latest large jacket foundations.
Huisman chief executive David Roodenburg said: "We are honoured to once again to collaborate with Heerema on this milestone upgrade for the Aegir vessel. This project reaffirms our commitment to delivering cutting edge solutions to our clients, making their operations more efficient, and strengthening them in their current and future business.”