+20% for Jekko

Italian spider and pick & carry crane manufacturer Jekko has reported a 20 percent increase in production for 2023.

The company has not released any financial numbers - yet but has confirmed that it will finish the year having built slightly more than 600 units, a 20 percent increase over 2022 when it produced around 500 units and a 50 percent increase over the past two years – in 2021 its production was closer to 400 units.
The Jekko stand at the recent Smopyc exhibition in Spain

In recent years the company has expanded production by adding investing in new building, as a result the plant now covers 30,000 square metres compared to the original 10,000 square metres. The company is currently working on a 25 metre long high cube warehouse which it expects to come on stream next year, freeing up current warehousing space for more production.
One of the Jekko production halls)
The total number of employees involved with production now totals 200, the company has also changed its workflow process from work cells to production line, which it says has greatly improved overall efficiency and quality.

Operations director Mauro Tonon said: “Ongoing improvement towards operating excellence, sustainable growth and constant innovation: 2024 promises to be a crucial year for Jekko’s consolidation. The collaboration between the Operations Division and the Quality Control Department. is going to be increasingly closer by means of stricter controls during both product acceptance and the product outgoing phase. Our future target is to ensure that all products perfectly meet our company’s strict quality standards in every single detail.”

“But there’s more the project to build a new and more modern office block is under way that will strengthen the image of our evolving brand and will offer proper spaces to growth, customers and suppliers.”