Crane overturn in Dublin

Several of you have contacted us this morning regarding the All Terrain crane that overturned on a construction site in Blanchardstown, Dublin yesterday.

We understand that the site is connected to an Alexion expansion project but we have not been able to confirm that 100 percent.

What we do know is that the crane, a five axle unit from the Tusker Crane Hire fleet, looks like its 200 tonne Terex AC 200-1, with seven section 68 metre boom and what looks like the nine tonne counterweight configuration. For some reason the operator extended the boom over the front, beyond the crane’s capability for this amount of counterweight due to incorrect counterweight information being entered into the LMI. We are told that there was no load on the hook at the time.

As a result, the crane simply lost stability and tipped forward, and then rolled to the side. The operator was at the very least shaken up and would have suffered cuts and abrasions, but we understand that he was not seriously injured. If that is the case he was extremely lucky. The operator in question has around 25 years’ experience, if so it hard to understand what he thought he was doing. We are also reliably informed that no one else was injured or hurt in the incident.

We have asked Tusker if it wished to comment, but so far have not received a response. If we do receive one we will of course update this item.

There have been suggestions that the truck in the first photo we received was involved in some way, two more photos do seem to indicate that there is something to this - although it is far from clear.

The video below, posted this morning shows the incident as it occurred.
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FAO Mr Dietmar Gregull.

Good Afternoon Mr Gregull,

Thank you for your input below, the content of which is noted.
As you raise 3 x very important points please allow me the Right of Reply.

1. Mistakes are indeed a part of life and this how we as Humans Learn from our formative years. Certainly I have made more than my fair share of Mistakes and not ashamed to admit it. However this potentially Fatal Incident depicted above in Blanchardstown deserves a reply.

2. An Accident is only an Accident if it is not Foreseeable, like Lightning. However if it is Foreseeable, then it can never be described as Accidental, despite being unwanted. For example extending the Telescopic Boom to 49 metres (161 foot in USA) at an angle of 45 degrees and all done after setting the Load Moment Indicator (LMI) to an Overstated Ballast figure can bring about a result which is entirely Foreseeable that the Crane will tip Over as occured on 1st December 2023.

3. Moreover, if this were the First Crane Incident, it might just be acceptable. However this is Crane Incident number 1472 (yes 1472) worldwide in the past 17yrs. All of which has Killed 839 Men and Women since starting to research this subject on Monday morning 7th May 2007.

Therefore it is my submission to you and your MD that what you describe as an
‘Accident ‘ was indeed the result of a negligent act and can always be prevented by better Training, Instruction and Supervision. Why because Worker Safety is important, very important and much too imprtant to leave it to chance.

Finally and in closing Safe Systems of Work are much more than just wearing Hard Hats Safety Boots and High Viz Vests. Because Lifting Operations are inherently dangerous as it always involves the Defeat of Gravity. Moreover it is just as Dangerous now as it was when I was Erecting or Dismantling Cranes and your comments above simply confirms it.

So as a Safety Culture starts in the Boardroom, before it is followed on the Shopfloor
may I suggest that you and your Colleagues adopt ‘Safety Training' for the future.

Yours sincerely

Mike Ponsonby
Silver Fox House
Fox Lane
Bromsgrove, Worcs. B617NL.

Feb 13, 2024

I read this post above by Mr. Mike Ponsonby. I would like to mention one thing about this. Why do these accidents happen? Yes, they are people. Accidents happen every day! What does this have to do with physics, gravity, mass, correct or incorrect training? Many people go to work every day to support their families and do not sit in the office chair all day thinking up new safety regulations and harassment, but can we then say that these are the people who get into accidents or cause an accident themselves are not properly trained? The question can also be answered easily because these are people. People make mistakes! Did the people who cause traffic accidents every day not pay attention in driving school, or did the speed not take into account the amount of water that might be on the road when it rained, or was the tire tread no longer sufficient? Are you correct, Mr. Ponsonby? Have you never made mistakes? Have your wife or children never made mistakes? Then there is only one answer, they have not been properly trained by you. People who come up with new safety regulations every day like, “Use the handrail” or “Wash your hands like this,” our world can do without these people and know-it-alls. If the housewives have to put up scaffolding when changing curtains or cleaning windows, or if a safety harness will be put on, this is also a clear NO. Why do people break their feet? Are they not properly trained to walk or run? Accidents also happen at NASA, but most likely these people lack knowledge. But there is one more thing to say in conclusion: "If you haven't made any mistakes in your life, you've never worked in your life."

Best regards,
Dietmar Gregull

Feb 10, 2024

Crane lads
16t of Ballast

Dec 5, 2023

Good Morning Mr Wood,

The UK has the highest Crane Safety Stds with The LOLER Regs 1998 and British Standard 7121, but like so much elsewhere in our society what it lacks is Enforcement. This ommission may begin to explain why we continue to witness the same dangerous lifting incidents being reported over & over again with 1440 Crane mishaps worldwide causing 817 Fatalities since Monday the 7th May 2007.

A very graphic example of this occured last Friday Morning 1st December in Dublin when this large Mobile Crane with Boom Extended 49m over the cab (or approx 160 foot) slowly tipped forward as Gravity became a factor in ensuring that the weight of the extended telescopic Boom, Hookblock and Hoist Rope all counterbalanced the 9t of Ballast (approx 20160 Lbs in USA or 9163kgs in Europe) on the rear of this machine. The entire Crane then tipped FWD in a balletic fashion to wreck this machine in yet another avoidable, expensive and potentially fatal Incident.

This then raises the question, did the Employer Train his Staff in how to calculate the effects of Force, Mass and Gravity or did the Training Lack this Subject or is that company Directors ‘Dont Know What they Dont Know’ because they mistakenly think that Not Knowing is a valid defence in Court.

Therefore but for the Grace of God, no-one was killed on this occasion unlike the 817 incidents before. This Crane is now wrecked and my 16yrs of research continues to record….

240 x Crawler Crane Incidents in the past 16yrs ?
334 x Tower Crane Incidents in the past 16yrs ?
603 x Mobile Crane Incidents in the past 16yrs ?

Please now include 'How to Calculate the effects of Force, Mass and Gravity' in all Safety Training courses, as physics cannot be excluded from Lifting Operations.

Kind Regards
Mike Ponsonby

Dec 3, 2023

Some, suggestion, that while lifting steel, of a truck, that truck drove off, while, steel was still attached to truck bed

Dec 1, 2023