Tadano Hybrid on trial

Tadano has shipped a pre-production prototype of its 70 tonne four axle AC 4.070-1 Hybrid to the Netherlands for a two month field test and evaluation programme on real jobsites with several leading rental companies.
On display at Tadano Netherlands

The process began just before Christmas when several customers attended a meeting at Tadano Netherlands to take a look at the new crane and try it out. This month it has been out on site with Saan and is due to go to Kraanverhuur T. Pater next week. Early reports on the practicality of the new machine have been positive.
On charge – or for plugged in operation

The crane arrives with Saan

The new crane and more importantly the hybrid concept, made its first appearance as a prototype prototype at Bauma in October 2022 and is now moving to the next stage prior to finalising any prioduction versions.
Out on site

We have yet to learn the full details of the unit on test, but the original concept was to drive the hydraulic pumps for the superstructure functions via a 115Kw electric motor, with a 70Kw battery system. The unit can also be topped up or operated while plugged in, with a variable input so as not to overload the available electrical outlets or 'hog' the site power supply. The crane is also equipped with an on board generator that runs off the chassis engine which can be used to keep the batteries topped up – or for recharging. The crane performance with the battery pack is said to be the same as for the regular diesel model and is apparently good for four to five hours work when working on the battery alone.

The concept is being tested on the AC 4.070-1, but it is possible that when it reaches production it will be installed on an AC 4.070-2 - dependent on weight differentials. Although we understand that it is the concept that is the subject of the field trials and not the machine itself, so if all goes well it could appear on a range of models.

The folllowing video was posted during Bauma 2022.