A smaller JF from Jekko

Jekko has started full production of its new 6.15 tonne JF235 articulated spider crane.

The JF235 joins the manufacturer’s range of JF articulated spider cranes, which at their most basic combine a Fassi loader crane superstructure with a Jekko tracked chassis and control systems. The new addition is a development of the existing 15.5 tonne JF545 and takes the JF range to four models, ranging from the new JF235 up to the 21 tonne JF990.
The new Jekko JF235

The new crane is rated at 2.6 metres and employs a five section boom - a base and four telescopic sections - for a maximum tip height of just over 15 metres, at which point it can handle 5.4 tonnes. The maximum radius with the boom horizontal is 12.7 metres with a capacity of 1,280kg. Capacities are slightly lower when the winch and hook block are used, rather than the boom nose hook.
The 6.15 tonne crane comes with five section boom and five section jib

A five section hydraulic luffing jib can be installed to take the maximum tip height to 25 metres with a capacity of 485kg, or a maximum radius of 22.7 metres with the boom and jib horizontal, at which point it has a capacity of 235kg. The jib can also be raised 10 degrees above the horizontal. A work platform attachment offers a maximum working height of 27.3 metres, or a working outreach of 22.4 metres with 120kg, or 20 metres with the maximum platform capacity of 200kg.
The hydraulic jib

And chart

The unit is relatively compact, with an overall length of 4.74 metres, an overall width of 1.6 metres with 406mm track pads, the overall stowed height is 2.6 metres. The overall weight of the crane is 9,470kg, the jib adds 770kg. The two stage beam and jack outriggers have a maximum footprint of 5.63 metres by 5.65 metres, with the outriggers at 45 degrees. They can be set in and be set half way or parallel with the chassis for a longer but narrower footprint.
Outrigger sweep angle and extension can be varied

The crane also bristles with new features and design improvements, including a counterweight built into the frame for a reduced tailswing, fully independent outriggers directly controlled from the remote. Each outrigger has two stage beams and swings out 45 degrees from the chassis. Both can be varied with automatic levelling and load chart calculation for the actual set up.
The operating display

Power is Bi-energy with a Stage V diesel and intelligent electronic system that adapts the engine speed to the demands of the hydraulic system, helping reduce fuel consumption. An AC plug-in motor provides quiet clean operation where needed. The crane’s modular hydraulic pump, is adjusted for both oil pressure and load to combine precision and speed, while an independent cooling system, and electric cooler maintains the oil temperature at 40 degrees.
Power source display

The crane can be used with a wide range of accessories including a 1.5 tonne winch, mechanical extensions, lattice jibs, a range of man baskets and manipulators, while hydraulic accessories include rotors, clamps, and chain saws.