Klubb takes Hematec

French international vehicle mounted aerial lift manufacturer Klubb, has acquired its German distributor Hematec Arbeitsbühnen.
Klubb appointed Hematec as its distributor just before Bauma in October 2022, at the same time as it acquired Isoli. Based in Dresden, Hematec has annual revenues in the region of €23 million and operates from five locations - the head office and four sales and service branches across Germany and Austria in Berlin, Göttingen, Lauchheim and Vienna, with 40 employees. It distributes, Klubb, Isoli, Dinolift and Helix mast booms and cranes built by Gefas.
The Hematec network

Hematec was established in 1995 to distribute Dinolift trailer lifts, and now handles its full range, including its truck mounted lift , alongside its boom and spider lifts. It has been the Isoli dealer since Klubb acquired the manufacturer in 2022.
The company will continue to trade under the Hematec brand, with the current management team, including founder, owner and chief executive Andreas Hänel.

We understand that the Gefas mast boom and crane manufacturing business is not included in the purchase. Hänel will continue to oversee this in addition to his ongoing role with Hematec. We have requested confirmation of this.

Speaking of his motivation to sell the business, Hänel said: "Hematec has experienced consistent growth since we set up in 1999 and achieved a record-breaking year in 2023. However, after dedicating 24 years to developing the company to its current status, it became imperative for me to ensure its future. Klubb is known for its dynamism, strong focus on growth, and customer orientation. I am confident that the company will continue to thrive as a part of this group, and I will remain on board as managing director and personally contribute to its success. Likewise, our long time partnership with Dinolift will be continued and expanded. All this is of utmost significance for the wellbeing of our employees."
Julien Bourrellis (L) of Klubb and Andreas Hänel of Hematec conclude the deal

Klubb chief executive Julien Bourrellis added: "The acquisition of Hematec presents a significant opportunity for us. The company has a strong foothold in Germany and Austria, boasting a strong reputation developed since its inception in 1999. Our collaboration with the company has been consistently effective, since we began working together just over a year ago, making this acquisition even more gratifying. Furthermore, we are pleased to extend the strategic partnership already initiated with Dinolift to the German and Austrian markets."

Klubb which is part owned by private equity firm Andera Partners since 2021 now operates from five production plants in France, one in Italy - Isoli, one in the UK - CPL and one in India, with 850 employees and revenues in the region of €200 million. Its subsidiaries include: Klubb France, Mobitec, Delta Services, Nacelle Assistance et Services, TFC, EGI, CPL, Mondia, Isoli and Titan Aero.

Vertikal Comment

This acquisition is not particularly surprising in that Hematec is a good and profitable business, with a strong reputation and an owner manager that while he might be of an age where he is keen to cash in some of the value that he has built up in the business, is still a long way from reaching his dotage, and probably very happy indeed to stay on and continue to build the business, while ensuring a smooth transition to the new owners.

Klubb has a good reputation of acquiring distribution companies, tending to leave owners/managers to do what they do best, while it focuses on its manufacturing operations. And, while it is part owner by a private equity company, the founding family, which has a passion for the business, retains the majority of the equity.

One underlying minor point of interest is that Klubb appears to be moving closer to Dinolift - it now distributes the Finnish manufacturers products in the UK, Germany, Austria and through an agent in Croatia - but interestingly not in France.