Mecaplus self-levelling scissor

Spanish self-levelling platform manufacturer Mecaplus has delivered the first unit of a new dynamic self-levelling scissor lift, the 34ft T12SL.

The T12SL offers a working height of up to 12.3 metres, with a platform capacity of 400kg, the retracted platform is 2.39 metres long by 1.6 metres wide. A 1.3 metre roll out extension takes the overall platform length to 3.75 metres.

The machine has an overall stowed length of 2.75 metres over the entrance steps, which can be removed for shipping. The overall width is 1.75 metres, and overall stowed height 2.7 metres - 1.9 metres with guardrails folded. The overall weight is 3,900kg.

The unit, which has standard four wheel drive, can be levelled by up to 12.3 degrees end to end to cope with a ground differential of 454mm. It can level by up to 20 degrees side to side for a 637mm differential - all without the need for levelling jacks. It achieves this by mounting each rear wheel on a long, vertically telescoping box section extended or retracted by a hydraulic cylinder, combined with an oscillating front axle with long throw levelling cylinders.
The long rear wheel extension system

The front axle

The unit automatically levels the machine as it drives, even at full height. A choice of power is available, including all electric or Bi-energy/Hybrid with a Kubota Stage V diesel.
The unit levels up to 20 degrees

The first unit has been delivered to access rental company Alquilaplat in Chapineria due east of Madrid, for field testing and evaluation.

The videos below show the unit in action)

The company said: "We are delighted to present the T12SL scissor lift which is now with Alquilaplat. We have this model so that all rental and service companies that want to innovate in their fleet of lifting platforms can see and test it to promote new ideas in rental and commercial development.”

Mecaplus started out in the civil tree pruning business and developed its first self-levelling platforms to help improve safety and efficiency with its tree care business. Before too long demand for its machines came to dominate its business. Last year it teamed up with Norwegian company Gantic to launch the self-levelling Tunnel lift boom.