The Gantic Tunnel Lift

Norwegian powered access specialist Gantic unveiled a new custom built boom lift for tunnel applications at a launch event held in Norway yesterday at Gantic headquarters in Ågotnes, near Bergen, with rental companies and end users invited to attend.

Gantic has teamed up Spanish manufacturer Mecaplus to design and build the specialist machine for tunnel maintenance. The compact machine features a two section heavy duty boom, with pedestal mounted platform and a slew ring between the top of the pedestal and the platform. The unit has a nine metre working height and a large platform with an overall length of three metres. Overall weight is 7,700kg for the standard model and 8,000kg for the bi-energy.
The all new Gantic Tunnel lift by Mecaplus

Features include a fully dynamic self-levelling chassis – both side to side and end to end, a large rotating platform with 600kg capacity, a high stowed travel speed, a self-loading cable drum holder, a trailer hitch to enable the machine to tow another drum, extra air filters for engine protection, a powerful oil cooler, a built-in 3.5kW electric power unit and oversized Rexroth drive motors, to name but a few of them.
the self-loading a new cable drum

side to seid levelling

end to end levelling

The first machine has been sold to P2P Rent, which will receive it shortly after this week’s event. The two companies are hoping to deliver the second unit before Easter. The new machine is expected to replace the current solutions such as oversized scissor lifts with slide outs or truck mounted lifts. A bi-energy – Diesel / lithium battery - model is on the drawing board for release later this year. With more than 1,100 road tunnels in Norway, the new machine aims to offer greater safety and efficiency.
Finn Hugo Zahl of lead customer P2P Rent (L) with David Lindberg of Gantic

Tommy Jørgensen of Gantic said: “I think that this new Tunnel Lift will be a machine that many will want to have in their rental fleets, and with the Bi-Fuel version coming in July this year, an even bigger market will open up. I am convinced that the Gantic Tunnel Lift will be well liked by users all over the world.”
The two Tunnel Lift partners - Tommy Jørgensen of Gantic (L) and Evaristo Bayona Gómez of Mecaplus

Gantic’s David Lindberg added: “This is the moment I've been waiting for. I have not seen a more innovative and exciting product in the lift market in my almost 30 years in the powered access industry. There has been great interest shown by our customers, rental companies and end users alike, many of who stopped by during the day.”

“As previous tunnel lifts have largely been modified scissor lifts, we at Gantic and Mecaplus have developed and built a tunnel lift from scratch with both construction, operation, and maintenance of tunnels in mind, and we believe this innovation will appeal to a much broader market.”
David Lindberg of Gantic demonstrates the new machine to attendees

“In the development of this new machine we focused on quality from the very first stroke of the pen, and included the highest quality components in order to build in reliability at the forefront," said Jørgensen.

According to Gantic several of those attending the launch were keen to put their names down for the next batch of Tunnel Lift deliveries, while others were keen to organise demonstrations for their customers and employees. “We take this as a really good sign that the Tunnel Lift is a long-awaited novelty in the industry and we look forward to the continuation continued Jørgensen.”
attendees were genuinely enthusiastic with several reserving machines from the next deliveries later this year

Stian Overå of access rental company Voss Liftutleige said: “I think this is a very exciting lift, a tunnel lift in a completely new format. Until now we have used scissor lifts, but this unit is more versatile and flexible, especially in relation to tunnel use. Also the really positive way it has been received by other attendees today speaks for itself.”
Renta sales manager Ole Heie added: “This is a very exciting machine. We look forward to being the first to test the Bi-fuel version when it arrives at the end of July.”

Evaristo Bayona Gómez of Mecaplús said: “It has been very useful to be involved in the launch of the Gantic Tunnel Lift today. I have received a lot of useful information about the Norwegian tunnel market, as well as a lot of good feedback from customers, users and mechanics. This is information that we will benefit greatly from in the development of the next tunnel lifts to go into production."

Finally Gantic general manager Erlend Oen Hatten, talking about how the launch day went said: “we are very pleased with the launch, and the great interest show, as well as the high Wow factor.”
The following videos show the new machine in operatioin:

Demonstrating general operation

And here to see it loading a new cable drum