A new line of material lifts

A brand new four model range of mast type material lifts will be launched at the Executive Hire Show in Coventry next week, under the ToughLift brand. Check our Events section for details

The four models are the 10ft/3.5 metre ML-10, the 15ft/five metre ML-15, the 20ft/6.5 metre ML-20, and the 25ft/ eight metre ML-25,. All four units have an overall stowed width of 810mm and an overall length of 760mm although the ML-25 is marginally longer at 810mm. When the front legs are deployed for work, the overall length increases to between 1.51 and 2.06 metres. The full specifications for all four models can be found at the bottom of this article.
The ML-20

The new machines have been designed to be low maintenance for a low whole life cost. They include a fully anodised and abrasion resistant mast, while all the steel fabrications are e-coated and powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance. The ends of the steel box sections are also fitted with silicone end caps to prevent internal corrosion.

All joints have been designed to be maintenance free with self-lubricating bushes, while any long term abuse will not lead to structural damage. Fittings and pins are stainless steel, while retaining pins are fitted with large easy pull rings. Both machine and accessories are fitted with serial number plates to assist with tracking and traceability for LOLER thorough examinations. The lifts have also been designed from the ground up to be fully recyclable at the end of their life.
The ‘boom’ attachment

Load handling attachments include a Pipe Cradle, a Load Platform to fill the gap between the standard forks for smaller items, fork extensions that add an extra 161mm, 399mm, or 631mm to the length of the standard forks, a boom attachment converting the lift to a small crane, and a Rough Terrain Wheel Kit for moving across uneven ground.
The Rough Terrain Wheel kit

Manufactured in Shenzhen, China by Shenzhen Anhua, the global launch of new range will be held in the UK, where Huntingdon based Access Platform Sales has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland. APS will kick off with the two smaller models which have already arrived in its warehouse, with the two larger models arriving this spring.

APS managing director Steve Couling said: “For some time we have been looking for a new range of material lifts to add to our portfolio, but the ones we looked at were poor quality and there was little to no support from the manufacturer.”

“We therefore took a different approach and worked with an experienced manufacturer to develop the ToughLift. We received the first units earlier this year and have been testing and trying to break them in real world environments, as well as on the test bed. The units have performed well beyond our expectations. We also have the benefit of having worked in this market for many years with leading producers. The quality and attention to detail along with a number of innovative features really impressed us.”
The full specifications

The lift capacities