Crane raises awareness for Autism

US rental company Nimble Crane has wrapped a 150 tonne Grove GMKL5150L with an autism awareness wrap as a sign of its support for the cause through to Autism Awareness month in April.
The crane in its Autism wrap

Nimble began advocating for autism awareness after a close freind of vice president Josh Robbins had an autistic child, as do several several employees.

Ben Ellis of Nimble cranes said: “We intend to use our platform to shine light on autism awareness while addressing other relevant social topics within our community, driving meaningful change. We are proud of this initiative, and it will mark the first time one of our cranes will serve as an ambassador for autism awareness to both the oilfield and community that supports us.”

The company often supports various causes by wrapping its equipment, it also have a Grove GMK7550 in a wrap that pays tribute to war veterans launched on Veterans Day 2023.
The GMK7550 in the Veterans Day wrap

Ellis said: “Our veterans’ wrap hit home for numerous people in our company and community. Our goal is to launch a newly wrapped GMK on a social topic that is paramount to us and the community every time we purchase a new Grove. We have three more that we plan doing in the future.”

Founded in 2017 and based in Odessa, Texas, Nimble employs 55 people with a fleet of 25 mobile cranes ranging from 23 to 550 tonnes.


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Feb 21, 2024