Scaffold turns heads in Bangkok

A wood pole scaffold erected over a busy walkway and tourist attraction in Bangkok is raising eyebrows.

The archway leads to famous tourist attraction - Wat Intharawihan - a Buddhist temple and a 32 metre tall free standing Buddha.
People walking through the archway

The platforms are plank type placed in key areas but do not appear to be properly retained and as to toe boards or consistent guardrails- forget it, even though it is located over a busy pedestrian walkway.
Interesting set up

Wood boards simply balanced on the scaffold

The more you look the more you see, with other building materials - like extra scaffold poles and boards - stored on the very top of the archway over the weekend and do not appear to be securely fastened down.
Scaffolding through the face of the elephant

Last week a food market and fair were held beneath the arch, with hundreds of people walking underneath daily.

Pole and bamboo scaffold is a highly skilled art form which is sadly dying out in some regions, to the untrained eye this looks like less skilled scaffold erectors are now being allowed to work on historic sites.


Scaffolding Bangkok

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We think that this is a prime candidate for our Death Wish series, if only for the lack of toeboards over a busy walkway.

Have a safe weekend