In the dock

We have received information on an incident in the UK last week, in which a telehandler ended up partially in the water. It was saved from total immersion by the boom coming to rest on the barge and one of the rear wheels hanging on to the dock.

We understand that the telehandler was working for an events company in Stockport, on the south side of Manchester. Although we are unable to identify the exact location.

According to our source it was loading material onto a barge in preparation for a lightshow, the photo appears to show that it was in the process of placing a one tonne bulk bag of gravel, using what appears to be a 2.5 tonne/six metre JCB compact telehandler. We understand that the operator was able to get out of the cab and onto the dock, suffering nothing more than a few bruises and shaken confidence.


The barge was clearly not tied up properly - if at all - assuming a one tonne bag, the telehandler’s forward reach with this load would be around three metres – more than sufficient. However, the driver has come at the job from an angle so that one wheel would inevitably been close to the dock edge and more reach would be needed than a 90 degree on approach.

The barge has swung out from the dock as the bag was placed, did it pull the machine in? Or did the front right hand wheel go over the edge and the telehandler pushed the barge? Either way it is all so predictable.
In the words of our correspondent: “This again highlights the lack of training and certificates in the event world.”

If you recognise the location, or known exactly what occurred we would, of course, appreciate hearing from you, as always in total and strictest confidence. [email protected]


They can make one sustain a thousand hours course, but nothing can replace the old, fashioned, BRAIN in the head

Mar 25, 2024

Glatisant Pellynore
Good job everyone was ok, hope they adjusted the risk assessment to seatbelts off like booms when working near water!

Mar 22, 2024