Seven Tadanos for Qatar

Qatari company Galfar Al Misnad Engineering and Contracting has taken delivery of seven Tadano truck cranes with capacities ranging from 30 to 75 tonnes. The units were purchased thought local distributor Qatar Tractor & Equipment, with a number of oil & gas projects in mind.

The order includes one 30 tonne GT-300EL, five 60 tonne GT-600EL and one 75 tonne GT-750EL.
All three cranes come from the range that was launched in 2017 and feature lightweight, high tensile steel rounded profile main booms with lengths of 34, 43 and 47 metres respectively. Extra reach is provided by a nine to 14.3 metre bi fold swingaway extension, or an 8.5 to 14 metre jib, extending the maximum tip heights to 50, 60 and 64 metres.
The 60t Tadano GT-600EL

Galfar Al Misnad is involved in a number of high profile infrastructure projects in the region including the construction or expansion of railways, stadiums and oil & gas facilities. The company has now decided to purchase some of its own cranes.

Director Satish G. Pillai said: "Galfar was awarded three prestigious projects from Qatar Energy. To efficiently execute these projects for them, we opted for a Tadano crane package comprising a total of seven truck cranes. We anticipate deploying these brand new cranes for future endeavours, thereby bolstering our capabilities and reinforcing our commitment to excellence in project delivery."
The handover

Deputy general manager-plant P.S. Anwar Sadath, added: "The quality, reliability, and durability of Tadano cranes align perfectly with our operational requirements, ensuring seamless project execution and enhanced efficiency."

Galfar Al Misnad was established in 1995 as a subsidiary of the Oman based Galfar Engineering and Contracting. When Galfar Oman became a public company in 2007, Galfar Al Misnad became independent. Under new ownership the business went on to acquire Galfar Kuwait in 2010 and Galfar SAS in 2011.