Sinoboom moves into telehandlers

Chinese aerial lift manufacturer Sinoboom has entered the telehandler market with an initial three model range including two fixed frame machines - a 14 metre/4,000kg TH40-14 and the 18 metre/4,500kg TH45-18 - along with a 360 degree model, the 5,000kg/TH50-18R all with hydrostatic transmissions and high specificaoiton level.
Sinoboom’s first three telehandlers

The product line was formally launched earlier today at a ceremony at its headquarters in Changsha, China.
The launch today

We have not yet seen specification sheets but have managed to find the key performance details which are laid out in the chart below. Additionally the TH45-18 can handle 500kg and its maxium forward reach and 2,500kg at maxium lift height, while the TH50-18R does 1,000kg and 3,000kg.

The fixed frame models include, standard frame levelling, fold down outriggers, the usual three mode four wheel steering, four wheel drive, an overall width of 2.3 metres allowing transportation by container, real-time dynamic load monitoring and cut out, auto engine shutdown, an emergency power system, a 958mm wide cab with all round visibility, a seven inch smart screen with real time status monitoring, fully proportional joystick controls and automatic engine speed control to match system demand. Maximum road speed is 35kph.

All units offer a wide range of attachments with automatic attachment identification and auto programme selection. An engine pre-heating option is available for extreme cold weather applications. Sinoboom says that it will only release machines for the overseas market, “after a stringent and systematic testing and debugging process.”
The TH50-18R

In action

Sinoboom founder and chairman Steven Liu said: “Sinoboom has never stopped its pace of innovative research and development since its establishment in 2008, and always strives to provide customers with diversified solutions for work at height. We seek to provide differentiated products within the market and focus on creating true value for customers.”

Vertikal Comment

The telehandler market is a very tough one, the products tend and need to be quite similar - almost generic - often with the same or similar components. The big players have enormous cost advantages with their high volume production, making it an exceptionally hard market for a new entrant.
However, the Chinese domestic market is only just warming up and remains open to all on an equal footing. Chinese manufacturers also have a strong and growing following in many parts of Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

The net effect of these new entrants could dramatically expand the global market for telehandlers into new areas. If Sinoboom managers have any sense - which they do - they will.


Sinoboom founder and chairman Steven Liu said: “Sinoboom has never stopped its pace of reverse engineering."


Apr 19, 2024

Which company did they copy for these machines ?

Apr 18, 2024