Hiab expands spare parts range

Hiab has introduced two new spare parts option: ‘Red Parts’ and ‘Exchange Parts’ alongside its existing ‘Original Parts’, with the objective of providing lower cost options for older equipment.

Red Parts are designed as "budget friendly alternatives for aging machinery." The company says that they maintain quality and safety standards while being more affordable. The parts are designed to perform just like the original parts but will inevitably have a shorter life span.
Packing the spare parts

Red Parts will be launched with engine components for truck mounted forklifts and will be expanded to cover more equipment throughout the year.

When it comes to Exchange Parts, customers can trade in used components for replacements at a discount to new Original Parts. Exchanged parts have the same specifications to the Original Parts, so there is no compromise on quality or safety.

Michael Bruninx of Hiab said: "We want to offer all customers spare parts priced right for their equipment, regardless of age and condition. We have therefore complemented our Original Parts with Red Parts and Exchange Parts that present a compelling value proposition for customers with ageing units, characterised by limited remaining lifespan and low utilisation levels. Good maintenance and the use of Original spare parts is the best way to advance a circular economy. We are just expanding these efforts by introducing alternatives for prolonging the operational lifespan of older Hiab equipment."
Picking a Red Part

The new parts carry the same 12 month warranty as the original parts.