Crane boom snap

The base section of an aging Locatelli Rough Terrain crane literally snapped on a job site in San Bonifacio, Italy earlier this month.

Thankfully no one was hurt and apart from the crane itself damage was minimal. The incident occurred on May 8th on a trading estate site in San Bonifacio due west of Verona. It seems that the crane was being used to pull some underground pipes out of the ground.

We can only assume that the crane was grossly overloaded and possibly working within the structural part of the chart, thus causing the boom failure, rather than an overturn.

The recovery - using another crane and a 360 degree telehandler - was as slap dash as the job itself appears to have been. It is astonishing that a second incident did not occur while it was being conducted.

We have failed - so far - to unearth any further information.