Manitowoc upgrades Brazilian training

Manitowoc has upgraded its training centre in São Paulo, Brazil, and more than doubled its capacity. It is now the company's largest training space in South America.

The upgraded facility has an additional crane simulator, a new classroom and another instructor. According to Manitowoc, there has been a 350 percent increase in the number of people registering for training in Brazil over the last few years. The São Paulo location is the company's astest growing training centre for mobile cranes and crawler cranes in the world. There are six in total: São Paulo, Brazil, Monterrey Mexico, Shady Grove, Pennsylvanria, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Wilhelmshaven Germany, and Dubai.

The simulator enables technicians to practice troubleshooting, maintenance procedures and operational system testing, they are similar to those at Manitowoc facilities in the US and Germany.
The upgrade has doubled capacity

The simulator room

Simulators are used for a wide range of instruction

Carlos Batista, training manager said: “The training centre will offer different types of courses throughout the year. Classes are provided to dealers, end users and Manitowoc staff across South America in three languages, Portuguese, Spanish and English. Participants receive a Manitowoc qualification at the end of each session.”

Global trainer, Josh Garrington added: “We are aiming to have more people better trained and in a shorter timeframe. Our new QuickStart program, for example, was designed to reduce the time that it takes a technician to become well versed on certain crane types from three to five years to less than 18 months. This will be a game changer for our customers, especially in Brazil, where the used crane market is booming.”