New access rental player

Gerard Jennings of UK based Hire Safe Solutions and Edwin van der Laar – previously with XCMG Europe, have teamed up to set up a new international wholesale rental business - EMEA Access.

The new business will offer a wide range of aerial work platforms to other rental companies on long term rental contracts – in other words, a wholesale rental operation. Given the make up of the Hire Safe Solutions fleet, it is easy to imagine that the main focus will be on the more specialist machines, such as the biggest booms lift, including the 223ft XCMG XGS70K telescopic boom lifts and large heavy duty scissor lifts, including the very first of the new 115ft Dingli 3730HRT due to arrive later in the year. In addition, it can help provide additional volumes of regular sized equipment for a big limited duration contract.

Co-founder and managing director Edwin van der Laar said: "We are excited to introduce EMEA Access to the market. Our goal is to build long term relationships with rental companies throughout the European, Africa and Middle East region, offering the ‘X-factor’. By that we mean that we offer a wide range of Xcess equipment, including Xtraordinary machines which not every rental company has in its fleet. including extra large self-propelled booms, Rough Terrain scissor lift and XL sixed telehandlers including the biggest machines available in these categories.”
Gerard Jennings (L) with Edwin ven der Laar

“We will only rent to our rental partners, and not end users, so we keep our lines clean and avoid conflicts of interest. In our aim to support rental companies to grow their business without the financial burden of purchasing new equipment, our long term rental solutions are designed to support their needs and enable their success."

The company will also serve as a used equipment outlet, chief executive and co-founder Gerard Jennings said: "Besides our long term rental solutions, our used and refurbished equipment sales programme will be an excellent opportunity for companies to acquire top notch aerial working platforms at a fraction of the cost of new machines.”