Long boom Terex 80t RT

Terex Rough Terrain Cranes has launched a new longer boomed 80 tonne Rough Terrain crane, the TRT 80L.

The new crane retains much of the running gear from the current TRT 80 which made its debut in early 2021, but critically features a new five section, 47 metre main boom - five metres longer than the current unit - with three extension modes, while a self-remove and install counterweight system has also been added. The boom can be topped with a nine to 17 metre bi-fold swingaway extension taking the maximum tip height up to 66 metres.

The new crane has an overall width of three metres, where many units of this size are 3.3 metres wide, making for easier transportation, especially in Europe. When fully equipped with the bi-fold swingaway extension, hook blocks and rigging, the crane has an overall weight of around 52.5 tonnes. If the counterweight and extension are removed that drops to 42.5 tonnes.

Power comes from a Cummins Stage V diesel, with the option of a Cummins Stage III - Tier 3 option for markets with less stringent emissions. A powershift permanent four wheel drive two mode transmission, with Manual mode - three speeds forward, three reverse or Automatic - six speeds forward, three in reverse.

The crane is fitted with the company’s wider ‘Space’ cab which can be titled to view high lifts, while the controls use the Terex Operating System (TEOS), with a 10’’ full colour touch screen display with an intuitive interface to ease operation and maintenance. Terex T-Link telematics, system is standard, along with anemometer and LED lighting.

How does it stack up?

We compared the new crane with a few of the mainstream western manufacturers just to provide an indication of how it stacks up. Not all models are marketed worldwide, and in the case of Grove it also has the GRT780 which is more compact. We will add to this over the coming week, including perhaps models from Zoomlion, Sany and XCMG.
The chart shows how the new crane stacks up

Senior sales support manager - RT cranes - Stefania D’Apoli said: “The TRT 80L has a combination of advanced features and user centric design that makes it a standout addition to any fleet. With an enhanced boom length and self-removable counterweight, it has significantly improved operational efficiency and transportability, enabling it to meet the demands of several applications including ports, construction, infrastructure, mining, energy, yard logistics and general lifting.”

Final note: Terex is in expansion mode, and has plans to announce further new models over the summer. Watch this space.