New podium from Werner

The UK division of ladder, scaffold tower and low level access product manufacturer WernerCo, has launched a new podium platform - the ‘BoSS QuickPod’.

The new all aluminium podium, which replaces the original ‘BoSS Pod’, has a three metre working height, with a 550mm x 590mm platform and 150kg platform capacity. The platform features a full guardrail and self-closing gate for all round fall protection, clip in toe boards are also available. The new podium is said to be faster and easier to set up, and easily folds into a 1.94 metre x 850mm x 270mm three part package, weighing just 28kg, compared to 32kg for the unit it replaces while offering 50mm more working height.
The ‘BoSS QuickPod’

A 3.5 metre working height version is planned for next year. The company claims that it is the lightest weight and most compact mobile podium platform on the UK market.

Commercial manager Paul Floyd said: “When working at height, ensuring workers are in the safest environment possible while maintaining their comfort and mobility, especially during extended periods, is essential. The BoSS QuickPod was specifically designed with these factors in mind. Its features include resistance to overturning, a self-closing gate for 360 degree protection and easy-grip sides, all of which significantly enhance safety and productivity.”

“Safety remains our top priority for users, and we are pleased to announce that the BoSS QuickPod also comes with BS8620 accreditation.”

The following video shows the full set up procedure