Tadano - Vestas partnership

Tadano has agreed a new global collaboration deal with Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas, to develop and sell nacelle cranes for its new V236 offshore turbines.

Vestas introduced the V236 series with the 15 MW V236-15 in 2021, it has three 115.5 metre blades and is while designed to cope with all wind speeds, generates power at wind speeds from three to 31 metres a second.
A Vestas V236-15 nacelle

The specifications for the cranes has not been disclosed, and no indication given on whether a design has even been agreed yet. Both parties have though confirmed that durability and reliability are critical concerns for the product, which will spend 365 days a year - year on year - in locations with strong winds and high salinity levels. It may also help that offshore wind power generation and product development is a high priority for the current Japanese government.

A formal signing ceremony was held last week at the Danish Embassy in Shibuya, Tokyo, attended by Vestas head of procurement Raphael Huot and Tadano chief executive Toshiaki Ujiie.
Toshiaki Ujiie of Tadano (L) with Raphael Huot of Vestas at the signing ceremony

A statement from Tadano said: Based on our corporate philosophy of ‘Creation, Contribution, and Cooperation,’ our aim is to pursue further excellence for the world and the future by maximising corporate value and conducting sustainable business activities, thereby contributing to the conservation of the global environment and the realisation of a sustainable society. Our Mid-Term Management Plan - 2024 to 2026 has ‘Advancing Decarbonisation’ as a key driver in our company’s growth strategy. And under the ‘Tadano Green Solutions, banner we are developing a variety of environmentally friendly products.”

“This collaboration with Vestas, the world's leading wind power manufacturer, will bring great value to our company, and we hope that our contributions to the offshore wind power field through our products will expand even further, not only in Japan but also worldwide.”

Vertikal Comment

This is on the one hand surprising, given that Vestas already has access to Palfinger and Hiab nacelle cranes, and yet on the other hand not so surprising as it makes perfect sense for Tadano to use its loader crane technology and expertise to enter this market. And there is no better way than to develop the product in partnership with the leading and most experienced wind turbine manufacturer, especially when it is looking for a product for a new turbine.

Tadano Japan’s reputation for bullet proof reliability and attention to detail should result combined with Vestas input on exactly what it needs should prove to be a winning combination.