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World launch at Oil&Steel’s International Open Day

Oil&Steel launched its new Snake 2010 Compact with ‘Gecko’ stabilisation at its 4th International Open Day held last Friday at its San Cesario sul Panaro facility near Modena, Italy.

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Part of the spectacular evening show

Several hundred dealers and customers attended the spectacular launch which showcased the company’s entire access platform range. Highlight of the show was the new Snake 2010, but also on show was the 10,000th platform built by Oil&Steel as well as its latest addition to the Octopussy range – the 21 metre maximum working height and nine metre outreach with 200kg capacity Octopussy 2190 – which was shown at SAIE show last year but is now available.
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The 10,000th unit produced by Oil&Steel

The company marked its recent 600 platform order from ENEL Energia (in addition to 400 PM loader cranes) with a demonstration of a Scorpion 18E platform mounted on a Mercedes Sprinter 311 CDI and a Snake 21E platform fitted to a Iveco Eurocargo.

The grand finale was the unveiling of the new Snake 2010 Compact. Mounted on a Nissan 3.5 tonne chassis, the unit has a 20 metre working height, 10 metres outreach with a 200kg basket capacity.

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The new Snake 2010 Compact

With an overall length of 5800mm, height of 2400mm and width of 2100mm, Oil&Steel says it is the most compact platform for its height and reach currently on the market.
Major features of the machine include the new, patented Gecko outrigger stabilisation system, a new articulated, double-pantograph boom and fully hydraulic operation.

According to Oil&Steel, the double pantograph is activated by a single, dual-action cylinder located at the base of the pantograph mechanism which adds to its ease of positioning. Maximum elevation of the pantograph is 87 degrees and is compact for transportation.
The transmission rods on the pantograph mechanism are exactly the same length – unlike competitor machines - allowing ‘plumb line’ manoeuvres - vertically. The company says that as a result, operators can carry out precision work such as sealing prefabricated components and securing cables and drainpipes.

However the most visually striking feature is the new Gecko outrigger system which is said to fully stabilise the vehicle very rapidly with a stroke of just 200mm. Oil&Steel also says that the 300mm load distribution plates reduce the need to fit boards under the outriggers in 50 percent of cases.
To maximise safety of the outriggers, plastic reflective guards can be fitted which is said to minimise damage/instability should a vehicle travel over the leg.
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The new Gecko stabilisation system with protector

The column rotates by 360 degrees but is not continuous. The monoblock section frame is completely covered by non-slip aluminium, which incorporates a double bend over the side sections of the equipment which protects the sides of the truck.

“The Snake 2010 Compact is a revolutionary model, destined to leave its mark on the worldwide truck-mounted aerial platform market,” said Oil&Steel’s managing director, Andrea Certo. “We are starting production of the machine now and they should be ready for sale in October this year.”

Andrea Certo was on hand the following day to present the awards for the Oil&Steel Karting Challenge at the Franciacorta racetrack near Brescia.

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Oil&Steel managing director Andrea Certo (centre) presenting the second and third place trophies to Matt Renoulf and Michela Viviani

Although the Spanish notched up another victory (after the European football Championships and Wimbledon), Oil&Steel UK and its customers performed exceptionally well with four out of the 10 karts in the final. Matt Renoulf from Jersey-based hirer Fetch and Karrie took second place and Oil&Steel UK’s general manager Michela Viviani was third.


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