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Verschoor takes new Spierings

Verschoor Kranen of Sassenheim in The Netherlands has taken delivery of the first Spierings “Mighty Tiny” SK1265-AT6 mobile folding crane. Mounted on a six-axle carrier, the 132 tonne/metre crane comprises a three-tower closed boom and a five-section jib which extends out to a total length of 60 metres where the lift capacity is 1.7 tonnes. Maximum capacity is 10 tonnes at a 13.2 metre radius. At maximum radius the unit’s jib can also be luffed a further 30 degrees, decreasing the radius to 52.2 metres, while increasing the hook height from 60 to 64 metres with a 1.7 tonne load. The whole crane can be set up in just 12 minutes from its folded position.

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Spierings Kranen's six-axle SK1265-AT6 "Tiny Mighty" in the colours of The Netherlands-based crane rental company Verschoor Kranen.

Verschoor is also expecting delivery of the second SK1265-AT6, which will also be supplied with a brand-new cab, built by Spierings and Belgium-based cab producer Ypcar. Both units are built onto a 12 x 8 x 10 carrier powered by a 390 kW DAF XE390 diesel engine.

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An artsist's impression of Spierings' new crane cab.

Spierings Kranen founder and designer of the Spierings folding crane, Leo Spierings, named the “Mighty Tiny” after his late wife, Tiny, who died in October 2001.


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