Whatever Happened to:..Tom Scott

Many will recall the Scott brothers Tim and Tom;
they built Scotts into Scott-Greenham a public company covering all manner of Crane and Access rental, then in 1987 sold out to BET and quickly moved to the channel islands.

If you have ever wondered how they have faired since you can read about Toms endevours in yesterdays Sunday Times.

If you missed it or do not have access to the UK Sunday Newspapers, then you can still read it on line, at least for the next six days. Click on


Or simply go to www.timesonline.co.uk and click on Sunday, then scroll down to the Business section and click on "Mr Jersey expands his empire".

It seems that Tom has cornered the market for new cars in Jersey, but also has a hand in most other businesses on the island.

Just goes to show that the Crane Hire business can be a good training ground for entrepreneurs after all!.


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