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D&G embraces CraneSafe

The recently announced purchase of Verticon Material Hoists and Tower Cranes, by D&G Hoist & Crane Hire has made the Western Australia based company Australia’s largest tower crane rental company with around 150 cranes.
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The company, which is owned and managed by Dave Keating and Gino DeCesare, will launch a major fleet renewal programme following the merger of the Verticon fleet later this month. The aim is to rid itself of the older units as it moves towards an all electric modern crane fleet.

As part of its rejuvenation programme the company is also adopting the CraneSafe green sticker programme which signifies that the crane has undergone a stringent independent -third party pre-erection inspection and commissioning that fully complies with Australian Standards AS2550-4&20.

Gino DeCesare said: “We will use CraneSafe to demonstrate that we meet all of our OH&S obligations and are not afraid to show it.”

D&G’s mobile crane subsidiary, Northern Suburbs Crane Hire (WA), has already adopted the CraneSafe programme.