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Biggest German hire companies get bigger

The 10 largest rental fleets from the German crane and access industries are listed in the latest issue of our sister magazine Kran & Bühne. This reveals that Munich-based Schmidbauer is the largest crane hire company in the German-speaking world with 25 depots and 250 cranes. British-owned Zooom is by far the largest access hire company with 4,262 units, (although its 45 German depots puts it behind the Ringlift Group’s 53). Zooom belongs to the Lavendon Group which also owns Nationwide in the UK.

The fleets are ranked according to their total fleet boom length/working height. In other words the crane companies are asked to add together their total boom lengths to give a theoretical company boom length while the access companies add together all working heights. This gives the following results:

THE K&B TOP 10 (2001)

Access Company / Total WH (metres)
Zooom / 4262
Ringlift / 2780
Mateco / 2190
Gardemann / 1700
Gerken / 1200
Prangl / 1160
Wagert/Schmidt / 845
Maltech / 702
Gramyco / 680
Baulift / 544
(Source: Kran & Bühne)

Crane Company / Total Boom (metres)
Schmidbauer / 16000
Prangl / 14000
Grohmann-Attollo / 8142
Bracht / 7615
Brandt / 5548
Lissina / 3248
Riga-Eisele / 3200
Breuer&Wasel / 3169
Wiesbauer / 3000
Bastei / 500
(Source: Kran & Bühne}

The Survey reveals that Zooom’s total working height has grown by almost 100 per cent since last year when it was still called Fürg-Pro-Lift. Schmidbauer’s total boom length has not changed. Austrian-based Prangl, which is second in the Top 10, has increased its boom length by nearly 50 per cent. Scholpp, in contrast, has dropped out of the table.

The full German text of the article, together with tables, is available in the German Section of as are the results of last year’s Top 10 (in the left hand column under Bibliothek). To download a PDF file (534 KB) containing this year’s K&B Top 10 click Here.