Maeda arrives in Azerbaijan

Kranlyft has shipped the first Maeda mini crane into Azerbaijan, it is also the first Maeda crane in the Caspian region as a whole. The unit, an MC405CRM-E spider crane has been sold to Baku based oil field services company, JSC "Metal Qaynaq Sinaq" (MQS).

The company, which provides a wide range of services for oil and gas projects in the region, was founded in 1998 and is a 100 percent locally owned with 220 employees. Services include pipe-work fabrication & testing, structural steel fabrication, load testing, blasting, painting, machining and installation work. In addition the company has a significant testing, training and certification division and a construction business.
The first Maeda crane in Azerbaijan is an MC405

The Maeda 405’s first job involves landscaping work on a construction site outside of Baku. A Kranlyft technical specialist went with the crane to conduct training for MQS’s crane operators and mechanics.