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A new Rowe?

Paula Rowe, a member of the Rowe family of PSS infamy, has formed a new lifting services company called Brandon Lifting services. The new company registered on the 12th of January appears to share some resources with PSS (LT), such as telephone number and at least one member of staff.

The new business has no relationship, at least as far as we can ascertain, with Brandon Hire PLC, the tool, access and lifting gear rental company owned by Wolseley.

It looks as though either Paula Rowe has decided to go her own way or the clan has finally exhausted the PSS name which has survived though a number of corporate re-incarnations, the current one being P.S.S (LT) Ltd and the most recently registered being Proffessional Specialist Services Ltd, which has yet to be utilised.

We were inundated yesterday with calls and emails on the subject of the Rowes and Brandon Lifting services. In the meantime it seems that at least some of the creditors of P.S.S (LT) Ltd have now been told that they will be paid as long as they are patient and do not attempt to seek any legal action to recover their outstanding debts.

Is this a genuine effort by the Rowes to pay their suppliers during a difficult trading period or a cynical attempt to buy time while they reorganise or shift operations to a new company? One hopes and would like to believe that it is the former.


It looks like it is full steam ahead now for Brandon Lifting. The new 'Brandon' signs are up at the global headquarters of Rowe's empire, in place of the old PSS ones.

I wonder how long it will be until we see Brandon (LT) ltd, then Brandon (UK) Ltd, and even Brandon (FAT) ltd. I am sure the Brandon name could survive at least 3 or 4 incarnations of the same business, before we move onto his other children's names.

We can now look out for the liquidation of PSS, once of course Rowe has made sure he has ran up enough debt in the company as he possibly can.

Why do people still do business with this man ?

Feb 24, 2010

Lee Murphy
have heard that Rowe plans to live in florida and continue to run his latest operation whilst visiting the UK on the odd occasion. I dont suppose that this is any consolation to his creditors one of which is in trouble due to an outstanding amount for craneage not being paid

Feb 16, 2010

Lee Murphy
I find it a shame that people are going tit for tat on the message boards. Nobody likes to see anyone in trouble but past records speak volumes. Lets hope that the rumours are not true and everyone gets paid as promised.

Feb 2, 2010

First of all i dont think it needs a detective to work out that !!ANON N !! And Michael Tinsley are probabally the same jealous person but i speak as a creditor of PSS (LT) And to my knowledge they have;nt gone bust.
the problem seems to be a cashflow issue which anybody with any business inteligence knows can and does affect most companies
Mr Rowe has written to all the companies creditors advisng them that there are sufficent funds to pay all creditors and to bear with them but getting these funds in and getting them quickly enough is where the problem seems to lie.
The fact Mr Rowe has a house and a car is pretty much immaterial and the quality of these items is again immaterial unless of course your cursed with the jealousey gene.
As somebody who has seen the rise and fall of Mr Rowe,s various companies and as someone who actually takes the time to find out the factual reasons behind the reasons for the companies demise it might be worth checking facts before condeming people.

Jan 31, 2010

Anon n
Paul, do you know how many times they have changed companys in the last few years? Primeserve, then PSS, then PSS LT, then Professional Specialist Services, now Brandon. Their lifestyle is at the expense of creditors - Regarding your jealousy comment - I dont think people would mind them having all of the materials things they have got, as long as they were obtained in a fair way. But, they are not - it is at the expense of their creditors who are trying to run businesses of their own and not be as crooked as Rowe in how they do things.

Jan 30, 2010

Paul Ainscough
I wasn't defending anyone all I know is that things aren't always as they seem and I learnt a long time ago not to believe everything I read

Jan 30, 2010

Anon n
Paul, I agree that it was a bit OTT, but I am amazed that you can defend how the Rowe's do business. During a recession most businesses would redcuce outgoings and cut costs. BUT if what we read is true, the Rowes do the opposite - they spend more money at the expense of their creditors. Fancy cars and holiday homes surely cant be defended when they leaving so many people out of pocket on purpose.

Jan 30, 2010

Paul Ainscough
I totally agree with the last comment and it sparks of jelousy I don't know either of these guys but it does seem mr tinsley is very jelous we have all had a very bad 2009 maybe it's just circumstance why don't people get on with their own lives rather than being preocupide with other peoples !

Jan 30, 2010

Lee Murphy
the last comment must really get the back up of this guys creditors. talk about rubbing salt into open wounds. One thing that stands out is the name of the guy writing the comment. touching on M Tinsleys comment about using childrens names, Another amazing coincidence or something more

Jan 29, 2010

Craniac 1
I have heard the "take no action and we will set things right" line in the past. To date, that course has never worked out in my favor; unfortunately, the expense of chasing bad money usually doesn't work much better! Regarding the Florida connection, I can say that is a place loaded with scoundrels. I lived and worked there for 35 years and saw the wife, siblings and kids name game used more than once.

Jan 28, 2010

Michael Tinsley
Could this be the start of three new businesses ie Brandon Lifting Services and then going on to the rest of the childrens names.Or in fact could this be the start of the business running from Florida after putting a large deposit down on a Florida property. is this what the creditors have bought into or just coincidence.

Jan 28, 2010