SGB-Harsco and Instant scoop award

SGB/Harsco Infrastucture the French distributor for Instant mobile scaffold towers has won the ‘Prix Innovation Préventica’ health & safety award in France.

The Innovation Award was won in the BTP (construction) sector for the Instant Span 500 AdvanceGuard advance guard-railing system which is marketed in France under the ‘Sprint’ brand by SGB Harsco Infrastucture. SGB Harsco developed the product over a 12 month period, in partnership with Instant UpRight.
(L-R - Rear)Patrick Sebag - Harsco, John Nevin - Instant, (L-R-Front ) Bernard Tallobre, Stephane Schmidt and José Pinto ( all of Harsco)

The two companies also worked on the project with the French safety authorities with the aim to bring a safer mobile tower system to the market.

The Sprint/ AdvanceGuard system is a one piece guard rail which is integral to the tower build, thereby forcing the tower user/erector to fit the guardrail as he builds.
The Sprint/AdvanceGuard component

The guardrail replaces loose braces, reducing the number of components required to build a mobile tower thereby improving both safety and speed of erection.

Because the guardrail is integral to the build, bracing patterns cannot be altered, ensuring that the tower is built correctly each time. Fewer components will also result in fewer losses from site.
The system installed within a tower

The new product will be launched on the international market as the Instant AdvanceGuard system for the company’s Span 300 and 400 towers at Bauma next week.


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