October 2011

Vol. 13, Issue 7

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Positive trials for new AFI-Uplift safety system, AA Access acquires Zenith lifts, Genie launches new 40ft compact scissor, Locatelli under new ownership, Hiab launches small telescopic loader crane, Matilsa appoints Hi-Lift Access in UK, Socage announces nine new products and celebrates 30th anniversary, SkyHigh closes its doors, Manitou expands MHT range, OSHA rescinds lanyard interpretation, Pagliero celebrates 100 years, JLG issues guidance on 2012 pricing, Terex introduces 45 ton Crossover, Link Belt updates RTC 80100 and HTC3140, New Holland withdraws telehandlers, Liebherr Nenzing 35th anniversary celebrations, XCMG and Sany drop share sales.

Crawler cranes (PDF, 688.34 KB)
The crawler crane market is currently a story of many parts, all of which are performing quite differently through the current market slow down. We take a look at both telescopic and lattice crawler cranes, interview Rod Abbott of NRC Plant who is celebrating 50 years in the crawler crane market and review some interesting applications.

AT boom lifts (PDF, 904.78 KB)
Imagine a self-propelled boom lift with working heights of up to 27 metres, that is less than half the weight and considerably faster than conventional booms, offers gradeability of up to 45 percent, can automatically level up and work on slopes, yet does not employ a tracked undercarriage do you think it would be a winner? After all the cost of transportation, traversing soft ground without having to put in expensive temporary roads, concern over surface damage to pavements and increasingly critical floor loadings are all becoming major issues on sites and in other places that aerial lifts are being used.

APEX review (PDF, 903.46 KB)
The seventh Apex exhibition - held over three days in Maastricht, Holland last month - reflected the current state of the access industry. Overall the size of the show was smaller, with around 100 exhibitors but there was a good turnout of visitors, many of whom were looking to invest in new equipment. We review some of the more interesting products and news from the show.

Outrigger mats (PDF, 1.54 MB)
With numerous associations including IPAF, ALLMI and the CPA launching campaigns to raise awareness of ground conditions, our annual feature continues to bang the drum about using outrigger mats/tracking to spread point loads to prevent tipping and sinking. Be warned - not using outrigger mats can seriously damage you and your equipment’s health!

Ladder association (PDF, 79.35 KB)
For the third year running, Health & Safety Executive (HSE) statistics show a fall in the number of injuries involving ladders and stepladders. From 2,132 in 2007/8 to 2,011 in 2008/9 and 1,817 in 2009/10.

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CPA crane interest group (PDF, 127.05 KB)
This year’s CPA Crane Interest Group meeting in the UK was well attended - perhaps anticipating a lively discussion around the agenda topics. In reality it was ‘business as usual’ with most speakers re-capping on current issues although there was one area - HSE cost recovery - that did raise a few hackles....

Europlatform 2011 (PDF, 186.61 KB)
The fifth Europlatform conference held in Maastricht on the eve of Apex obviously hoped to encourage show-goers to arrive early and attend. Unfortunately few did - a surprise given the strong line-up of speakers and topics. Mark Darwin reviews the proceedings.