August/September 2019

Vol. 21, Issue 6

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Tadano completes Demag deal, Mateco acquires PanRental of Panama, New Potain flat top, McNally sells Windhoist, AFI acquires Facelift and restructures, First Tadano GTC- 600s arrive in Europe, First Euro Grove GRT655L, TVH acquires IPS, First tower crane wind installation in Australia, Steve Filipov to head Manitex, Loxam completes Ramirent acquisition, First 55t XCMG tele crawler, ALE acquisition to proceed, First Platform Basket Spider 43Ts in Europe and financials round-up...

C&A Top 30 rental company guide (PDF, 1.13 MB)
This year’s survey of the top crane, powered access and telehandler rental companies in the UK and Ireland comes at a time when business confidence is shaky amid the continued uncertainty over Brexit and the battle to prevent the UK from crashing out of the EU without a deal. See how the leading companies have fared in this year’s Top 30 rental company guide.

Spider and mini crawler cranes (PDF, 917.01 KB)
Last year saw the emergence of the articulated crawler crane into the mainstream market. This year is more about ‘traditional’ spider and mini crawler cranes as manufacturers improve and evolve their products. We review the latest developments and new product releases.

Electric and hybrid work platforms (PDF, 455.3 KB)
The realisation that the world has to deal quickly with the causes of climate change has taken a while to sink in but has now become the global ‘hot’ topic which concerns us all. We round-up how different companies are dealing with the situation.

A high risk strategy? (PDF, 758.78 KB)
Haulotte, its corporate strategy and new products.

Bravi Platforms (PDF, 232.54 KB)
Pierino Bravi - Mr. Bravi to many of his customers - was one of the earliest pioneers in the low level access sector. We take a brief look at him and his company.

100 years of Tadano (PDF, 500.11 KB)
It is 100 years since Masuo Tadano went into business as a steel fabricator and welder. We chart its history.


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Tadano ATF 60G-3

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