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Outrigger failure causes crane overturn

A large loader crane overturned in Heerde, the Netherlands today after one of its outrigger beams snapped. The boom came down onto the roof of a house killing one of the men working on the roof.
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The accident occurred in a residential street

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The outrigger beam failure caused the accident

The 45 year old construction worker was believed to have been employed by Manina BV a local roofing company that also owned the crane. He is believed to have been guiding and spotting the load of roofing material when it came down.

The fallen crane was later recovered by another loader crane with a suspended platform used by the slingers.
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The rescue involved suspended platform and a larger loader crane


Ive never seen anything like that what sort of SLI would it have, anyone familiar with this sort of crane?

Sep 22, 2011

vertikal editor
lorry loader, Hiab, articulated crane, Knuckle boom - although this one is large and has a cab, it is essentially a loader crane concept with articulated boom

Sep 21, 2011

I may be leaving myself wide open here, bt what exactly is a "loader" crane?

Sep 21, 2011