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LG1750 overturns on wind contract

A 750 tonne Liebherr LG 1750 working on a wind contract in Lancashire, in the UK, over turned yesterday, while relocatiing.

The eight axle lattice boom mobile crane was working on a Total Wind contract at Orchard End wind farm, near Pilling. It was travelling partially-rigged between two turbine sites when the incident happened. The road apparently completely gave way under the crane causing it to tip over onto its side. Fortunately no-one was injured in the incident.
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The stricken crane

Despite the poor weather conditions in the UK over the past week, conditions in in the area yesterday were said to be good. Investigations are currently underway.
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The machine is uprighted

Danish company Total Wind specialises in turnkey solutions for the transportation, installation and maintenance of wind turbines and runs some of its own cranes. More updates as the investigation progresses.


as far as I know it is possible to move a crane partially-rigged while relocatiing but then there are a few conditions to follow such as described in the instruction manual: ground leval and solid surface, outriggers minimum half rigged out etc.... fortunately no-one was injured

Mar 15, 2013

It is great news that no one was hurt. But at least on this side of the pond when we tip them over we are at least working and not re locating. Just having a little fun with you chaps...

Mar 15, 2013