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Tadano launches 600t ATF 600G-8

Tadano has officially launched the all new 600 tonne ATF 600G-8 All Terrain crane at a customer event tonight at Nürnberg Messes’s new Hall 3, attended by almost 1,000 guests. The theme of the launch is Welcome to Change.
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The all new ground breaking 600 tonne Tadano ATF600G-8

The new crane is most notably differentiated by its triple boom design concept which is said to be a more convenient substitute for the Sideways Superlift/Y-Guying cable suspended booms of the competitors. The boom is 56 metres with triple pinning, and it can take a 90 metre luffing jib which is designed with three cross sections to minimise transport.

Initial load chart comparisons indicate that the crane can outperform or at the very least lift alongside cranes working with cable supported boom systems in place and yet is a good deal simpler, requires no installation and has a much tighter tailswing and working footprint.
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The Tadano ATF600G-8 triple boom matches capacites of cranes equipped with sideways superlift systems

The cane also features the latest Euromot 4 Mercedes engines, all wheel steer, a new disc brake, new assymetrical automatic outrigger set up system. There is a good deal more that we can and will say about this new crane, when we try it on the test pad at tomorrows open day.
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Tadano ATF600-8 with and with without luffing jibs getting ready for tomorrow's open day

In the meantime the gauging by the reception from customers tonight this new crane will be a winner, even a ’game changer’.


Yes, that was a bang when Tadano published the patent. In the run-up, various detailed questions were investigated in the experiment and also built. The first setback came when the composite side telescopes failed to live up to expectations. It was then switched to steel and there it was again, the weight problem. But that was also solved by the different cost-intensive prototypes. What was the real reason that Tadano decided to put this innovative crane on hold after many millions of euros and capacity of the design office were wasted. The development of the ATF 600G8 has greatly slowed down the development of new products, so the ATF 60-3 is too late and not optimally delivered to the customers. Cranes were rejected by the customer for modification, the customer was annoyed. But Tadano wanted to buy cranes with a load capacity of over 400 tonnes, so the logical conclusion was to buy these products as well. The result is well known: bankruptcy, staff reduction, debts distributed among the creditors and a new start. Obviously, the restart did not work out that well either, and there will probably not be a black number at the end of the year. It is regrettable that the small, fine, family company (again and again the words of M. Tadano) in Lauf was unable to assert itself against the predominantly American management in Zweibrücken.
Let's see what the future holds for both locations.

Dec 24, 2021