Safe or not safe?

A reader has sent us a couple of interesting photographs of scissor lifts working in a way that he thinks is less than ideal. What do you think?

Taken in Switzerland they show two slab electric scissor lifts lifting a wood beam between them. The beam is placed across the guardrails and is being lifted to a height of around four metres or so. The lifts - from the Maltech rental fleet - looks like JLG 1932Rs which have a 230kg platform capacity – so it is almost certainly within capacity in terms of weight....
Another view of the site nice to see powered access being used

But is it an acceptable and safe method for carrying out such a job? Or should it join our Death Wish series? Clearly it is nothing like many of the shocking work practices that make up most of the series, but these might even be indoor only machines?

We would love to hear your thoughts, as would our reader. You can contribute via a comment below the story, or emailing us on editor@vertikal.net.

Your feedback will be entirely anonymous of course - unless you say otherwise.


Good morning,
Handrails are not designed to be used for lifting materials, perhaps alternative method should?ve been used, Genie hoist, telehandler, Valla crane etc.

Kind Regards,

(A senior Appointed Person - Lifting operations on a major construction project - He made no mention of whether we should use his name or not - so we have not )

Apr 5, 2019

Whatever the weight they are lifting?that?s a good way to topple both scissors if the centre of gravity of the load shifts too far one way or the other.


Apr 4, 2019

Although I have no scissor lift experience but 18 years of MEWP exp. I think the job could be done either with a telehandler or boom crane. It is hard to see if the workmen have on harnesses and lanyards but their other PPE is good for average safe practice.

Apr 3, 2019

Scissorlift are designed to lift man and their material. This wooden beam doesn,t look that heavy and if it was, the overload System would Prevent them to lift it. Anyway working like this is one of the safest Solutions.

Apr 3, 2019

Immer wieder wird gedacht , das Geräte ja eh heben.
Ob die Last auf dem Geläder oder auf der Plattform liegt ,scheint vielen ganz egal zu sein.
Habe schon 100 fach auf Messen gesehen , wie ganze Stände mit sechs , sieben acht Bühnen auf Kommando hochgezogen werden.
Ist leider so !

Apr 3, 2019
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